error code 0x800CCC0F

Aug 07 at 8:47am - admin
My Windows Mail software suddenly stopped working and now displays an error code 0x800CCC0F for both receive and sending of mail. I have identical account settings (POP3, SMTP, SSL, Socket, etc) on another PC using Outlook Express that is operating properly. I recently installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 and my Windows Mail PC and Mail hasn't worked since. Is there a conflict between the software? How can I restore my Windows Mail capability?

The error "unexpectedly terminated" is usually caused by interference from an antivirus program. Which antivirus are you running? Some of them cause problems with Windows Mail over time. As a minimum, email scanning in the antivirus should be turned off, although that may not be sufficient to eliminate all bad effects. In a worst case scenario, your antivirus may need to be uninstalled/reinstalled or replaced. A free antivirus that is 100% compatible is available here:
 Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection Microsoft

Email scanning in any antivirus should be disabled, for reasons explained here:

As an alternative to replacing your antivirus, consider upgrading to Windows Live Mail, because it is less prone to suffering bad effects from overly intrusive antivirus programs: