Thunderbird 2.0 Imap Secure Settings

Getting to Account Settings
To access the account settings in Thunderbird 2.0, open Thunderbird, select the Tools menu and click "Account Settings."
Account Settings:
The first page you will be shown is the Account Settings. Here you can specify your name, email address, and reply-to address. If your reply-to address is your email address, you can leave this field blank. The Organization field is purely optional. You may wish you place your company name here.
In the Account Settings you can specify a signature to place at the bottom of every email you send.
Server Settings:
In the Server Settings category, your Server Type should be "Server Host Name."
If you do not know what mail server your domain is using just go start/run/ type cmd/. Then in the command prompt type Ping it will tell the ip, then associate to the list below.
Available Host Names for our email servers are: or

The User Name should be your account, and the Port should be set to 993. Make sure to select the TLS radio button.
All other settings here are purely optional.
Outgoing Server (SMTP)
The Outgoing Server category is where you can change your outbound mail server settings. Multiple outgoing mail servers can be configured here through the "add" and "edit" buttons.
Edit Outgoing Server:
The server name when connected through activeservers is We recommend that you set the Port to "587" and use TLS.
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