Outlook Imap Settings Secure TLS

Step by Step Setup:

1. Open Outlook
2. Go Tools Account Settings. Click New.
3. Select the radio box Micrsoft Exchange, Pop3, Imap, or Http.
4. Recommend that you can tick the box at the bottom to configure manually.
5. Now select Internet E-Mail.
6. Type your real name in your name field, Full email address, Select the protocol if IMap or Pop3. Incoming and outgoing mail servers should be *(e.g.) sm-3.cyberpackets.com.
7. Your user name should be your full email address like johndoe@domain.com then your password.
8. Now click more settings and you will next click the tab outgoing server, then select the tick box my outgoing server requires authentication and the radio to use same settings as incoming.

You must be aware that if you are using IMAP protocol mail is stored on the E-Mail server. This means you will need to manage your mail account more closely. You must manage disk space offered for your mail account.

 Select TLS for both inbound and outbound mail

If your Broadband provider is blocking port 25 with a mail gateway we offer an alternate mail port 366.

 Change the outgoing mail server port to 336 as above and this will resolve this issue.


* If you do not save your setup email and do not know the mail server your domain is using just go start/run/ type cmd/. Then in the command prompt type Ping mail.yourdomain.com it will tell the ip, then associate to the list below. Or you can open a ticket and we will have an agent provide you with this information.

Available Host Names for our email servers are:

Understanding TLS:

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