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Development Tips:
We will first show movies on how to connect to a remote server using some popular approaches. Our plans of course inlcude some more advanced duties but this support area is not for the advanced coders though we will offer some basic scripts for beginners to stimulate their desire to learn more.
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301 redirect revistedNov 04 at 8:13am - admin
301 redirect revisted
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CSS padding PropertySep 25 at 11:10am - admin
The padding shorthand property sets all the padding properties in one declaration. This property can have from one to four values.
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an internal error occurred (fireworks CS4)Sep 05 at 6:08am - admin
When I try to open CS4 Web Premium Fireworks, I get the Message, "Fireworks cannot open. An internal error occurred."
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FrontPage Shared Border ProblemFeb 12 at 5:07am - admin
My shared borders are mission something is wrong! How can this be fixed?
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Dreamweaver and Windows XP Service Pack 2May 21 at 4:32am - admin
With the release of Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2 (XP SP2), there are some changes to the operating system and to Internet Explorer that may affect Macromedia Dreamweaver developers and visitors to their websites.
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Common errors XHTML Dec 14 at 8:04am - admin
Common errors XHTML
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IPIX 360° MimeDec 14 at 7:58am - admin
IPIX 360° and 2003 server
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Stop IndexingDec 14 at 7:24am - admin
How do I prevent search engines from indexing my site?
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301 RedirectsDec 14 at 6:28am - admin
Here is a listing of 301 redirects you can use to point your site to another one while still being search engine friendly:
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Learning DreamWeaverNov 15 at 12:31pm - admin

Here you will find a number of Dreamweaver Learning Videos.

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Code SnippetsNov 11 at 9:16am - admin
No matter what programming language you prefer this is the ultimate resource for developers.
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ASP.NET AJAX VideosNov 11 at 8:30am - admin
Ajax videos from
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