SmarterMail AntiSpam & AntiVirus: We go the extra mile with our mail filtering unlike the one size fits all antispam software most hosts offer. We have years experience administering SmarterMail as our default mail server. We have found SmarterMail very easy even for a novice user to understand, with a very high comfort level. This .Net application is proven robust. Our goal was to put all the management for spam and rules in the hands of our users.
We required the ability to offer our mail filtering service to any internal mail server. Our demands for a product were extremely rigid. Our intent was to offer a truly flexible efficient package, which supports features like Spam Assassin, Razor, DCC, and Dynamic Bayesian indexing from our pool.
Enterpise Mail Filtering:
As of December 2009 we built our own in house remote Linux Spam Assassin servers as our SmarterMail default. We have had too many complaints with our commercial third party the quarantine approach. Clients did not like having to go to another location to recover their false positive emails. AntiSpam and AntiVirus are constantly evolving and we certainly evolve to offer the best solution possible for our mail servers.
Since SmarterMail offers Remote SpamAssassin and ClamD access by building our Linux Filtering servers we were able to reduce the resource overhead on the mail server and using Linux offers multi-threaded SpamAssassin. Since moving to SmarterMail Enterprise v6.x the number of DNSBL lists have grown and their importance has proven a very reliable method of eliminating mail from known sources. We are now supporting SmarterMail 9.1 and the number of our filter servers have grown to 7 to maintain an average filter time of 2.7 seconds. While everyone wants their mail filtered they refuse tolerate delays in email times to achieve this. They assume this has no affect on the time it takes to look through any size email. Logically if it were their own servers they would understand doing this means more filter servers. We have to add filter servers to the cluster when filter times rise. Email is certainly something you cannot just set up and walk away.
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