.NET thumbnailing to a classic ASP multi-upload image gallery

Aug 15 at 9:58am - admin
This is an Classic ASP based image gallery with multi-upload and auto-thumbnail capability. We are focusing more on the auto-thumbnail capability using ASP.NET for this function for Classic asp. This article  is the complete approach and includes part two.

Galleries are displayed using SimpleViewer - a Flash based gallery application. The application utilizes ADO/XML and text files to manage gallery information, so there is no need for database configuration.

FreeASPUpload - A VBScript based ASP class for handling file uploads. This is not required on our servers as we offer a commercial product for uploading aspupload  has many more features.

CXImage Control - A DLL file for image manipulation using COM languages such as VBScript. This DLL must be registered on your IIS server. If you see an error testing this on one of our servers simply contact one of our support agents and we will make sure it is installed to the specific server you are using.

Prototype.js - AJAX Framework.
Scriptaculous - Effects framework based on Prototype.js.

Article Source: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/93181/Classic-ASP-Multi-upload-Image-Gallery