SmarterTools continually makes improvements to products after their initial release, so variations of the interface may exist. While ActiveServers constantly updates servers to remain current. Any major changes are reflected in the videos.

The videos provided by Smartertools are designed to help users and administrators become more familiar with the features available for SmarterMail.

Our Email-Questions and step by step setup instructions are listed below. Our goal is to provide detailed information about setting up your mail accounts and email clients like Outlook. We also provide detailed information for setting up your email clients using Secure-eMail here.
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Setup for iPhone 6Aug 23 at 9:09am - admin
Setup Details iPhone 6
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SmarterMail Web Interface does not display correctly I.E.BrowserMar 13 at 9:18am - admin
You recently upgraded SmarterMail and it does not display correctly now!
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Reducing Spam Using SmarterMail Web Interface.Dec 28 at 5:45am - admin
This requires about a week of logging on to the web interface before opening an email client like Outlook.
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Configure POP for iPhone, iPad or iPod TouchAug 13 at 9:16am - admin
Follow these steps to create a POP3 connection to SmarterMail on an Apple iOS 4 device like the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch:
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Outlook 2010 is Running SlowAug 13 at 9:16am - admin
Microsoft Outlook 2010 is running too slow.
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Configure IMAP for iPhone or iPadAug 13 at 8:46am - admin
The iPhone and iPad supports IMAP. IMAP will allow you to retrieve emails and folders from SmarterMail and leave the emails on the server.
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Configure Outlook 2010 IMAP or POP AccountAug 13 at 8:33am - admin
Follow these steps to create an Outlook 2010 POP3 or IMAP account:
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Configure Outlook 2007 IMAP or POP AccountAug 13 at 8:23am - admin
Follow these steps to create an Outlook 2007 POP3 or IMAP account:
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550 Authentication is Required for Relay" when Sending EmailAug 13 at 8:02am - admin
When attempting to send email using Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or other email client software, you may receive the message "550 Authentication is required for relay" from your mail server.
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Install and Configure Funambol SyncML for OutlookJan 13 at 9:39am - admin
SmarterMail uses multiple data synchronization technologies to sync mailbox data with email clients and mobile devices.
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Email Delivery Error CodesDec 19 at 10:40am - admin
Returned outgoing emails, so what is wrong with it? The SMTP server sends you a notification, which includes a standard error message, associated with the real problem.
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Copy Mail Sent To or From a MailboxDec 01 at 5:21am - admin
How do I receive a copy of an employee's sent and received emails?
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