Reducing Spam Using SmarterMail Web Interface.

Dec 28 at 5:45am - admin

This requires about a week of logging on to the web interface periodically 'before opening' an email client like Outlook.

1. First, we need to make sure there is nothing in the Junk E-mail folder we want to keep, if there is, then we want to make sure it is moved back into the inbox. After the emails you want to keep are moved into the inbox then we can do as the next screen shot and block all senders who ended up in the Junk folder.

Then we will delete all the emails in the Junk E-Mail folder to assure future content rules are created based on your input.

We will now go to the inbox and select those emails which are really spam but somehow made it through. We will now define them as spam this will get them into the Junk E-Mail folder where you then need to also again say to "Block Sender". This adds amendments to a internal rule created by SmarterMail.

Then we will delete the contents of the Junk E-Mail folder again after we block senders.

By defining the Blocked Senders it makes this Internal Blocked Senders list in your Content Filters

As stated you will need to continue this procedure "for about a week or so" depending on your email volume.  It is recommended this be done "each day" to ensure you are able to get a good sampling of bad email addresses and spammers.  But most importantly, to ensure no good email accidentally gets set to the Junk folder.  By following this guide, you will find the amount of spam that reaches your email client will drop considerably.