DomainKeys and DKIM

DomainKeys is an email authentication system designed to verify the domain of the email sender and protect the integrity of the domain. Domain administrators can enable the use of DomainKeys on all messages outgoing messages by enabling the feature in SmarterMail and adding the key to their DNS Zone.

To enable DomainKeys in SmarterMail:

  1. Logon with the domain administrative account (normally "admin@[domain].com")
  2. Click on the "Settings" menu icon at the top
  3. Expand the "Domain Settings" menu at the left, then expand the "Advanced Settings" menu
  4. Select the "Domain Keys" menu item under the "Advanced Settings" menu
  5. Under the "Options" tab verify that "Enable DomainKey Signing" is checked
  6. On the "Certificate" tab:

    a. Enter a name to use for the key in the "Selector" box. Any name like "key1" for the initial key is fine.
    b. Select a "Key Size" in the "Key Size" drop-down. The longer the key the better the encryption.
    c. Click on the "Generate Key" menu icon at the top
  7. On the "Signing" tab, select "nofws" on the "Canonicalization" drop down
  8. Click on the "Save" menu

The domain now has DomainKey signing enabled. The public certificate key still needs to be updated in the domain's DNS Zone file.

If you host your DNS on the ActiveServers Name Servers, send a request to "support at" to have the TXT Record Name & Value shown on the "Certificate" tab added to the DNS for you. Otherwise, you will need to have your DNS provider add the "TXT Record Name" and "TXT Record Value" added to your DNS Zone.
If contacting support make sure to include txt record name, and txt record value when requesting this edit to your DNS record.
Testing: Don't start testing until you are fairly certain you have things working.
Send test email to this address: or certainly provides a detailed test. You can also just send an email to Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo they all support domainkeys, this is provided you have an account there. You can look at the headers from any of these resources as a test also.
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