Build FreeNAS Server for home or business

FreeNAS is free piece of software that turns a PC into network attached storage. It supports connections from Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. It supports RAID, has a simple web GUI and modest system requirements.

FreeNAS is an embedded operating system. This means it is compact, efficient and dedicated to just one task, in this case NAS. Once FreeNAS is installed on a PC, the PC becomes a dedicated NAS, it can’t do other general tasks at the same time.

FreeNAS supports the following network access protocols

* CIFS (via Samba)

It also features:
* Support for S.M.A.R.T
* Local and Active Directory user authentication
* Software RAID (0,1,5)

The FreeNAS website is: http://www.freenas.org/

Parts if you chose to go with Compact Flash to hold the image:
Compact Flash to IDE Adapter with DMA Support:
4 Gig Compact Flash Card with DMA Support:

Parts if you chose to go with USB to hold the image:
Not required though a good idea to prevent accidental unplugging of USB Drive.
USB Header Pin Internal:
USB Drive:

Couple of other related Videos:
Step by Step:
Detailed Setup: