Bandwidth Policy

Bandwidth Billing Policy Details:
ActiveServers policy on bandwidth billing is based on the 95th percentile. Since our new pricing model is based paying for what you use. This across the board price reduction will benefit those which do not over use resources. It is the fairest method we could use. This is the same method used by tier 1 backbones for billing.

While some people may see some increase in bandwidth cost the number of customers affected are few. Our tracking software will allow all server clients to logon and see their reports any time they wish.
The 95th percentile is a mathematical calculation widely used to evaluate the regular, sustained utilization of your Internet connection. The reason this statistic is so useful in measuring data throughput is that it gives a very accurate picture of the cost of the bandwidth. The 95th percentile says that 95% of the time, your usage is below this amount. Just the same, the remaining 5% of the time, your usage is above that amount. The 95th percentile is a good number to judge how much bandwidth you are actually utilizing and helps filter out usage spikes.

Traffic data samples are collected from our access switches every 1 minutes. Since the samples are taken every 1 minutes, the data sample represents a 1 minute averaged bits per second value. It's averaged because we don't know the highs and lows within that 1 minute period. Usually for any solid determination, we need a reasonably large data set to cover the peaks and valleys of your utilization. A month of samples is the typical data set and is how we bill your account. In short, our percentile calculation uses a 95th percentile on 1 minute averages during your current monthly billing cycle.

Billing Details for 95th percentile

ActiveServers previously had difficulty explaining to clients how MRTG works and found it simply too difficult for clients to understand. We found that tracking on a monthly basis was a nightmare for both the clients and administrators. Also the 5 minute sampling of bandwidth, which is the standard in MRTG was simply not often enough for most broadband environments. Our new method of billing is fair for all parties and allows everyone to see every possible detail in real-time. We have made major changes to our fiber infrastructure with regard to bandwidth and as a result people have more bandwidth available on demand.

If you only understand bandwidth in the form of gigs are transferred we offer a bandwidth calculator here.

If you only understand bandwidth in the form of gigs are transferred we offer a bandwidth calculator here.